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  iFond Gold Overview

iFond Gold (BSE ticker symbol: IFG) is a closed-end investment fund listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) that was established after an initial public offering conducted via the BSE systems. The fund units are admitted to trading on the regulated market of the BSE and are traded throughout the fund’s life. The fund’s ticker symbol is IFG.

iFond Gold is the first Romanian sector fund allowing investors to capitalize on gold’s performance by exposure to companies that operate in gold mining. Romania holds sizeable gold deposits and there are wide-ranging projects for the exploitation thereof, that are not directly accessible to Romanian investors.

Current Date 09 Dec 2015
  Net Asset Value (RON) 24.7800  
  Monthly change -4.32%  
  Year-to-date change 0.00%  
  Change since launch * -87.24%  
*The first net asset value per unit (NAV) was certified on 31.12.2010

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For the first time on the Romanian capital market, closed-end investment fund iFond Gold offers direct exposure to gold mining performance - direct exposure to gold mine exploitation projects that are in an incipient stage as regards their exploitation potential. The fund invests in stocks traded on markets of European Union member states and the markets operated by NYSE Euronext (New York Stock Exchange, NYSE Arca, etc) and TMX Group (Toronto Stock Exchange).

At the time the fund was established, the investment strategy provided investments of 40% of the fund’s assets in the stock of Gabriel Resources (the developer of the Romanian Rosia Montana gold project), a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange that owns 80% of the RMGC project, as well as investments of 20% of the fund’s assets in shares of European Goldfields (the developer of the Romanian Certej project) that owns 80% of the gold mining project developed at Certej, in the Apuseni Mountains. This way, the sectoral fund iFond Gold sets itself an initial allocation target of 60% in gold mining projects that will be developed in the years to come on Romania's territory.

The asset allocation target of the fund upon its launch is as follows:

Charts and prices of the fund's investments
  Garbiel Resources Ltd. Last Price  
  European Goldfields Ltd. Last Price  
  New Gold Inc. Last Price  
  Novagold Resources Inc. Last Price  
  Alamos Gold Inc. Last Price  
  Allied Nevada Gold Corp. Last Price  
  Yamana Gold Inc. Last Price  

For whom the fund is designed?

The fund is designed for persons who want to capitalize on gold performance without getting directly involved in gold trading or in trading with the shares of gold mining companies.

The main advantages offered by the fund are as follows:
  • It allows investors to participate in the performance generated by the increase in the demand for gold and the development of the gold mining sector through investments in Romanian and international gold mining companies
  • Access to strategic Romanian gold mining projects to which direct access of Romanian investors is difficult: Rosia Montana and Certej
  • The fund was established through an initial public offering carried out through the BSE systems and was listed on the BSE after closing of the offering

How do I invest in the fund?

Because iFond Gold is listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, investing in the fund can be performed via any brokerage firm or BSE-certified broker, by a procedure similar to investing in stocks listed on the stock exchange.

Fund units can also be bought and sold through SSIF Intercapital Invest, the principal shareholder in the fund’s management company. To contact Intercapital Invest, please visit or call us on 021 222 8731 or 021 222 8744.

Documents and Forms

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